Privacy & Policy

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Thank you for choosing Nurotex, a leading digital marketing and web development agency. Our services ("Services") are offered by NUROTEX NUROTEX DIGITAL MEDIA CO., located at Adel Ahmed Building, Office 203, Al Marrar, Plot No. 273-0, Dubai, UAE, under Trade License No. 1323823.

By availing our Services, you are bound by these terms. It is imperative that you understand and read them thoroughly.

Given the range of our Services, at times, additional terms or specific product stipulations (including age prerequisites) might apply. Additional terms corresponding to those Services will be made accessible, and once you utilize those specific Services, these terms become a part of our mutual agreement.

Availing our services

It's crucial to adhere to the policies and guidelines provided to you pertaining to our Services.

Do not misuse or exploit our Services. This includes, but isn't limited to, tampering, unauthorized access attempts, or any form of intervention with our Services other than the regular interface and instructions. Ensure you use our Services in compliance with the law, inclusive of all relevant export and re-export control regulations. Failure to adhere to our terms, guidelines, or any suspected malpractice can result in the suspension or termination of our Services to you.

You are not granted any rights over the intellectual property in our Services or the content you access through them. Unauthorized use, replication, or distribution of content from our Services is strictly prohibited unless explicitly permitted by the content owner or by law. The terms here do not grant rights to use any Nurotex branding, logos, or legal notices.

Data privacy and copyright protection

Nurotex's privacy policies elucidate how we manage and protect your personal data when you avail of our Services. By using our Services, you consent to Nurotex's handling of such data as per our privacy policies.

We actively respond to notifications of supposed copyright infringements and, in accordance with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, take action against repeat infringers.

If you believe there's an infringement of your copyrights, and wish to notify Nurotex, kindly consult our Help Center for detailed information on submitting notices and our response strategy.

Your digital assets with our services

Our range of Services may allow you to upload, submit, or share content. Any intellectual property rights that pertain to this content remain with you. To clarify, what you own remains yours.

Whenever you share content through our Services, you grant Nurotex (and our associates) a worldwide license to use, store, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, and distribute such content. This license is solely for the intent of enhancing our current Services and developing new ones. This licensing agreement remains intact even if you decide to discontinue our Services. Some Services may provide you the flexibility to access or delete content provided to them. Furthermore, there might be specific terms or settings in some of our Services that restrict our use of the content shared. Ensure you possess the necessary permissions to grant us this license for any content you share through our Services.